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  • (Photo courtesy: Dianna Rae Jewelry Facebook)

Diamonds Travel To The Space

“Diamonds in Space” is a stellar diamond promotion launched by an American Gem Society jeweller, Dianna Rae Jewelry in Louisiana, U.S.  It is the first time that Dianna Rae High, owner of the jewellery shop, teams up with NASA to send her diamonds on a commercial space mission to the International Space Station. According to the Space Act Agreement between High and NASA, the diamonds will travel on an unmanned SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket to the International Space Station.However, date and location have yet been set for the launch.


A limited number of natural and lab-grown diamonds and rare natural fancy colour diamonds, ranging in price from $745 to $2 million have been pre-sold since 26 October last year. They will be sent to the International Space Station in low earth orbit at a velocity of 17,500 mph and offered to the public when back to Earth as planned in early summer this year.  Numbering, laser engraving, and documentation will be provided on all diamonds by the American Gem Society Laboratory to enable the customers to track their diamond's space journey. 




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