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  • The 215-carat rough diamond found from Firestone Diamonds’ Liqhobong mine in Lesotho.

Firestone Recovered Its Largest Diamond Ever


Firestone Diamonds, diamond producer with production sourced entirely from Liqhobong mine in the highlands of Lesotho, has recovered a 215-carat rough diamond, the largest diamond of its quality found from the mine to date. 


The diamond is currently on sale through a competitive bidding tender process with viewings in Antwerp and Dubai.


Firestone Diamonds owns 75 percent of the Liqhobong diamond mine and the government of Lesotho owns the remaining 25 percent.


“The unveiling of this exceptional diamond underscores our commitment to excellence and ethical sourcing of natural diamonds. This sale represents another milestone in our ongoing efforts to deliver value to stakeholders while maintaining the highest industry standards. This diamond is another shining example of the calibre of diamonds sourced from the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho,” said Firestone Diamonds. (Photo courtesy: Firestone Diamonds)




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