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  • Smelling Memories jewellery with gelatine, soap base, silver-plated brass and essential oil, by Chia-Hsien Lin
  • DH VI brooch with sterling silver, 18-karat yellow gold and stainless steel, by Zihan Yang
  • Sha-green brooch with citrus fruit peel, sintered aluminium and stainless steel, by Rachael Colley
  • Male Coquetry brooch with leather, paintbrush hair, hematite and metal, by Marie Masson
  • Greater Than Series necklace with steel staples, by Jess Tolbert
  • Fabric or Skin? necklace with silver and soapstone, by Elwy Schutten
  • Tired necklace with fabric, rubber, plastics and sterling silver by Dongyi Wu

Italian contest recognises precious youth

 Preziosa Young, an international contest-exhibition organised by Florence-based Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School, has announced seven winners selected from nearly 150 entries from around the globe. Three of the winning designers are Chinese.


The annual event started 2008 dedicates to recognise emerging artists in research jewellery and showcase what the new generations of goldsmiths, designers and artists are nurturing. Winning designs are granted a chance to exhibit at renowned trade fairs including Florence Jewellery Week in Italy and Inhorgenta Munich in Germany.


The seven winning designers selected for the 2020 edition are Elwy Shutten, Jess Tolbert, Marie Masson, Rachael Colley, and Chinese artists Chia-Hsien Lin, Zihan Yang and Dongyi Wu.


Smelling Memories from Lin explores the connection between memory and scent by developing a collection made of gelatine, in silver-plated brass with essential oil and worn on different parts of the body. Colley’s Sha-green collection pieces feature discarded citrus fruit peels which emit a subtle fruity fragrance when warmed by the body. Its limited lifespan tells the fleeting and complex nature of human existence and the passing of time. The dark creations D H VI from Yang tells a story of the darkness of human nature and the significance of constant self-reflection.


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