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  • Three of the fancy-coloured diamonds featured in the tender.

Rio Tinto Launches Tender of 87 Fancy-Coloured Diamonds

Rio Tinto has launched the Beyond Rare Tender as a new exclusive sales event with an inaugural collection of 48 lots of polished fancy-coloured diamonds, including legacy inventory of pink and red diamonds from the Argyle diamond mine and yellow diamonds from the miner’s Diavik diamond mine.


The 48 lots will be showcased in Australia, Switzerland and Belgium, with bids closing on 20 November, 2023.


Sinead Kaufman, chief executive of Rio Tinto Minerals, said: “The Beyond Rare Tender is a new chapter for Rio Tinto’s diamonds business, and a testimony to the ongoing demand for highly collectible natural diamonds. Rio Tinto has a rich history of innovative diamonds sales and marketing events and this carefully curated collection of rare jewels will be in strong demand by the world’s finest jewellers, collectors and diamond connoisseurs.”


Titled The Art Series, this invitation-only event takes its inspiration from the art world, each polished diamond an extraordinary natural work of art with an esteemed provenance and a captivating story of rarity.


The first collection of The Art Series comprises 87 diamonds, weighing 29.96 carats in total, and includes:


· Seven diamonds consisting of Argyle pink diamonds and yellow Diavik diamonds, selected for their unique beauty and accompanied by bespoke artwork

· An offering of 11 matched pairs of coloured diamonds

· Thirty single diamonds, including one fancy-red Argyle diamond.


Patrick Coppens, general manager of Sales and Marketing for Rio Tinto’s Diamonds business, said: “The market fundamentals that drive value appreciation for Argyle pink and red diamonds have never been stronger – a combination of severely constrained supply, with the closure of Argyle, and unwavering global demand for truly scarce gems. The inclusion in the inaugural Beyond Rare Tender of two fancy intense yellow diamonds from Rio Tinto’s Diavik diamond mine, located beneath a frozen lake in the Barren Lands of Northern Canada, is a beautiful counterpoint to the pink and red Argyle diamonds from the remote East Kimberley region of Western Australia. Yellow diamonds make up less than one percent of Diavik’s production, a rarity in a diamond mine otherwise known for its highly coveted white diamond production.” (Photo courtesy: Rio Tinto)



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