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  • High jewellery pieces from Tiffany’s Blue Book 2023
  • High jewellery pieces from Tiffany’s Blue Book 2023

Tiffany Releases High Jewellery Blue Book 2023


Tiffany released the latest high jewellery collection with the unveiling of its Blue Book 2023: Out of the Blue. It is the first Blue Book collection designed by Nathalie Verdeille, the company’s chief artistic officer for jewellery and high jewellery.


Blue Book 2023 is inspired by the marine life creations of 20th-century French designer Jean Schlumberger, one of Tiffany’s most prolific and renowned jewellers, the company said. It will unveil the entire collection in two phases over the summer and fall, with the summer collection launching with seven captivating themes, each embodying the essence of aquatic life.


The seven themes from the collection are shell, coral, jellyfish, Pisces, starfish, sea star and star urchin. The design execution of each concept ranges from literal interpretations of the sea creatures to abstract compositions depicted with aquatic motifs.


"In Jean Schlumberger’s imagination and design philosophy, the sea represented an unknown, infinite world. He choreographed unparalleled manifestations of its majesty and mystery," said Verdeille in a statement. "My first Blue Book collection for the House is a deep dive into aquatic life that both honours and reimagines Schlumberger’s vision."


Anthony Ledru, CEO of Tiffany said: “These creations have a distinct Schlumberger quality and personality to them, but the designs are all new. We are certain that he would have been as pleased with each masterpiece as we are.”


The Blue Book 2023: Out of the Blue will make its debut this summer at an exclusive high jewellery celebration at the newly reopened Tiffany on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Tiffany has published its annual Blue Book collection since 1845. (Photo courtesy: Tiffany)







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