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  • A sample of the digital Diamond Dossier report. (Photo courtesy: GIA)

GIA Returns To Printed Diamond Dossier Reports


The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) announced on 7 April 2023 that it will return to producing printed GIA Diamond Dossier reports beginning 9 April 2023. The decision was made due to concerns expressed by GIA clients, manufacturers, brokers, wholesalers, brands and retailers regarding the challenges of integrating the digital-only report into their processes, potentially disrupting their businesses and affecting consumer trust, said GIA.


All diamonds in GIA laboratories on 9 April or submitted on or after that date for the Diamond Dossier service will be returned with a printed GIA Diamond Dossier report. The printed reports will be the same as those issued before the introduction of the digital-only report in January 2023. GIA said it will, at no cost and upon request, provide a printed GIA Diamond Dossier to the submitting client for diamonds that received a digital-only report. The digital version of the report and the digital Report Access Card will remain available for those who prefer this format. 


Pritesh Patel, GIA senior vice president and chief operating officer said: “We did not adequately anticipate the challenges of adopting the digital-only GIA Diamond Dossier report. GIA will continue to provide the printed reports that enhance consumer trust, while working to develop robust, secure and compelling digital versions of all our reports.”





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