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Gen-Zers favour personalisation over popularity

Seasonal trends appeal to mass-produced accessories that come and go every quarter to six months. Jewellery designed for the mass market has gained a firm foothold in the globe by virtue of affordability and popularity. For savvy Millennial or Gen-Z consumers who have a flair for personality, authenticity and sustainability, however, fashion jewellery from mainstream retail chains may not be their taste. Independent brands have taken a prudent approach to engage the younger generations with finely crafted pieces that stand the test of the time.


Founded in 2022, Moochacha from Nalas International in Hong Kong positions itself as a wearable form of art inspired by some of the world’s best known master paintings including Madonna and the Child by Leonardo da Vinci, Three Women by Pablo Picasso, Terrace of a Café at Night by Vincent van Gogh, Steep Cliffs Near Dieppe by Claude Monet,  Composition with Grid 6: Lozenge, Composition with Colours by Piet Mondrian, etc.


Mostly set in 18-karat gold with gemstones, each of the collection is meticulously developed in close collaboration with a renowned museum such as the German Kröller-Müller Museum.


Instead of taking reference from current megatrends, Moochacha pays tribute to the most dominant figures in the history of fine art, transforming their vigorous brushstrokes into distinct lines and expressive patterns with precious metals and vibrant gemstones. Each piece of jewellery tells an enthralling and authentic story of the time the artist set the brush on the canvas.


“Unlike most of the jewellers in the trade, Moochacha doesn’t quite follow fashion trends,” said spokesman of the brand. “Our jewellery spans a price range of HK$2,800 - $40,000, targeting the Millennial and Gen Z female consumers who emphasise on the search for a better quality of life with fine taste. Ordinary items for the mass market are comparatively accessible. Younger consumers prefer something that can really speak for their uniqueness as an individual to identical styles.”


“Our well-heeled customers are not keen on fashion trends. They are more interested in delivering a message with a piece of well-crafted jewellery,” she added.


According to her, fashion jewellery may bring an instant boost of a sense of being up-to-the-minute to the wearers. It becomes out-dated upon the arrival of another season. For those who are in a constant quest for sustainability, fine jewellery with classic designs shall be the way to go. 



A 2022 statistics says Gen-Zers, the first generation to have grown up with access to the internet and digital technology, have made up 40% of the global consumer population. And the percentage will grow over time. Jewellers need to acknowledge the presence and influence of this generation, interact with them in a bid to stay afloat.


A vertically integrated brand, Moochacha manages to maintain the best quality of its products at different stage along the supply chain, while maximising profits by eliminating the middleman cost. Instead of investing in brick-and-mortar stores for retail distribution, Moochacha pursues a holistic digital strategy keeping young customers engaged.


All jewellery collections are available for direct purchase at Moochacha.com. Special discounts will be given for festive seasons and special occasions. Regular updates on new product launch and VIP activities are made on popular social media such as Instagram, Weibo, Facebook and Twitter to keep the fingers of the customers on the pulse of the brand. All these are dedicated to the Internet-savvy Millennial and Gen Z shoppers.


Although NFT went through a significant volume drop on a macro level in 2022 compared to the previous year, NFTs are still believed to stay and thrive in 2023 and beyond. To keep customers involved and build a strong community, Moochacha has launched digital collectibles for selected jewellery pieces to appeal to the extensive pool of social makers. According to the brand’s spokesman, more interactive NFT products will be introduced particularly for the Gen-Z population in the Mainland.


Fast jewellery has intrigued the mass market for its up-to-the-minute style and affordability. Members of the Millennials and Gen Z, currently representing the largest group of consumers, however, are more focusing on the other attributes of jewellery such as sustainability, personality and authenticity. Jewellery brands that really understand how to communicate, build and engage with this group of consumers will set to thrive for years to come.



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