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  • GIA issues AGS Ideal Report which utilises AGS Laboratories’ diamond light performance system. (Photo courtesy: GIA)

GIA Launches AGS Ideal Report


The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) rolled out the AGS Ideal Report  as a digital supplement to the organisation’s diamond grading reports, after the announcement of the partnership between GIA and the American Gem Society (AGS) in October 2022.


The two lab’s merge entailed GIA absorbing AGS Laboratories research staff, intellectual property, technology and Las Vegas facility. 


According to GIA, recognising the significant contribution of AGS Laboratories to the industry and consumer trust, the AGS Ideal Report will be available from GIA as a digital-only supplement to GIA diamond reports for eligible D-to-Z natural and lab-grown round brilliant and fancy shape diamonds.


The report utilises the AGS diamond light performance system, which measures how well a diamond handles light.


Wade Abel, AGS director of gemmology, said: Using a 3D scan of the diamonds, virtual rays of light are traced through the kaleidoscope of mirrors and windows created by the facets. This process considers the relative placement of each facet with the others to assess the diamond's beauty: brightness, fire, contrast, and overall appearance.” 


The AGS Ideal Report costs $25. The digital-only report can be added on to GIAs Diamond Grading Report, Diamond Dossier, Laboratory-Grown Diamond Report, Laboratory-Grown Diamond Report Dossier, eReport, and Diamond Focus Report.


GIA will create an endowment to support AGS and its membership through education and credentialing, furthering AGSefforts to develop the next generations of educated, ethical professional jewellers and industry leaders.





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