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  • A sample of the fully digital Diamond Dossier report.

GIA’s Paperless Journey Begins

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has issued its first fully digital Diamond Dossier, the organisation’s most popular report, starting the two-year process of its pledge to go paperless.


GIA’s laboratory in Ramat Gan, Israel issued the report on 2 January 2023. Diamond Dossier is an abbreviated grading report for loose diamonds between 0.15 and 1.99 carats in the D-to-Z colour range. It is the world’s “most widely available diamond grading report,” with the GIA issuing more than 33 million printed versions since the service’s introduction in 1998, the institute explained.


Tom Moses, GIA’s executive vice president and chief laboratory and research officer said: “The launch starts the conversion of all GIA’s laboratory reports to a modern digital format. This important change improves data security, offers efficiencies across the supply chain, and reduces our reliance on paper.”


GIA announced that it would go paperless for its reports in June last year and claimed that it will save 20 tons of paper and 18.5 tons of plastic per year. Printed Diamond Dossier reports issued before January 2023 remain valid, said the organisation. (Photo courtesy: GIA)




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