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  • Donna Hourani x Gemfields ‘The Bridge’ collection ‘To Power’ necklace
  • Donna Hourani x Gemfields ‘The Bridge’ collection ‘To The Universe’ ring
  • Donna Hourani x Gemfields ‘The Bridge’ collection ‘To Glory’ bracelet
  • Fine jewellery designer Donna Hourani

Gemfields Emeralds Take Centre Stage in New Jewellery Collaboration


Gemfields, the miner of responsibly sourced coloured gemstones and the majority owner of the Kagem mine in Zambia, has joined forces with fine jewellery designer Donna Hourani on a new emerald-focused collaboration: the Donna Hourani x Gemfields The Bridgecollection. 


The colourful and upbeat collection contains 11 pieces of jewellery comprising earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces. ‘The Bridge’ also has a higher purpose – to remind the wearer of the power of love.


Emerald-green is the colour of the heart chakra – a fact that is not lost on Lebanese-born, Dubai-based Hourani, who founded her eponymous label in 2016. She was inspired to create ‘The Bridge’ collection by one of her favourite quotes, from Rumi: Love is the bridge between you and everything.” And true to its name, each design in the range features a Zambian emerald at its centre, which, literally, serves as a bridge between a lab-grown diamond, representing the wearer, and a coloured gemstone, representing a specific life goal. The emerald serving as a bridge of love between one’s true self and goals in life such as self-love, womanhood and connection with the universe.


To Power, To Passion, To Peace, To Womanhood, To Self Love, To Creativity, To Divinity, To Glory, To Beauty, To Strengthand To The Universeare the names of the pieces, each conjuring up a specific goal which is cleverly expressed in the design. Among the highlights of the collection are the kaleidoscopic 'To Glory’ bracelet, with Zambian emeralds sitting alongside a lively mix of diamond, peridot, tourmaline, opal, turquoise, amethyst, tanzanite and blue topaz. The ‘To The Universe’ ring cleverly expresses the idea that "the universe is inside you", with its diamond representing the wearer, its opal representing the universe and the spiral of emeralds forming the connection between the two. All are set in 18k yellow gold.


“This collection is an inspired feast for the eyes, and a true testament to Donna Houranis exacting creative flair. Each piece is so cleverly thought through, delighting both in meaning and the pleasing arrangement of colour. After half a billion years in darkness, patiently awaiting discovery, it is a joy to see GemfieldsZambian emeralds celebrated in these kaleidoscopic creations, promising a bridge of love to their future wearer,” said Emily Dungey, Gemfields director of marketing and communications.


Hourani’s upbeat designs are informed by her appreciation of the simple joys in life, like nature and pure love. She believes that emerald is the gemstone that allows the wearer to operate from the heart level, representing unconditional love and self-compassion and harmony with nature. Thus, emerald is perfectly cast as the Hero” gemstone of this collection. 


‘The Bridge’ collection ranges from $3,800 for the ‘To Beauty’ earrings to $16,800 for the ‘To Glory’ bracelet.





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