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  • The 101-carat Estrela de Fura ruby (Photo courtesy: Fura Gems)

Fura Gems Discovers 101-carat Ruby


Dubai-based coloured-gemstone miner Fura Gems unearthed a 101-carat rough ruby at its mine in Mozambique. The stone’s fluorescence, clarity and vivid-red hue are extremely rare, according to the miner. Fura Gems named the stone Estrela de Fura, Portuguese for Star of Fura.


The miner claims that the stone is the world’s largest gem-quality ruby. It said, while larger rubies exist, they are specimen or exhibition pieces that have significant impurities or a low yield when manufactured, and are therefore not gem-quality.


Daniel Nyfeler, managing director of Gübelin Gem Lab said: “The Estrela de Fura ruby is likely to yield an intense, saturated red colour once fully and properly faceted with adequate proportions. Compared to most rubies, including those from Burma, which tend to be fairly included when reaching sizes above five carats, this ruby is relatively free of eye-visible inclusions. Considering its very large size, the vivid-red colour and clarity characteristics of this ruby give it an extraordinary potential to become one of the largest high-quality faceted rubies ever seen.”


Fura Gems plans to showcase the ruby at the Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE) in October. The gemstone will be put up for private auction afterwards. The miner also plans to use two percent of the revenue from the sale of the stone to set up the Fura Training Academy in the community in which it operates in Mozambique. The school will provide education and technical training to the local population in fields including mining, carpentry, engineering and agriculture.





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