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  • The digital transformation of the GIA Diamond Dossier, a fully reimagined GIA App and the AI powered GIA Match iD instrument.

GIA Reports to Go Digital by 2025


The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) announced on June 7 that all its paper reports will be converted into digital by 2025, which will save 20 tons of paper and 18.5 tons of plastic per year.


A digital version of GIA Diamond Dossier, GIA’s most popular report, is expected to launch in January 2023, powered by a fully reimagined GIA app.


GIA’s digital offering will also feature a new inscription matching service, enabled by GIA Match iDTM instrument. Using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the GIA Math iD captures the diamond's inscription image and securely links to its unique GIA report in the cloud. It not only delivers trusted information through the digital platform, but offers retailers and consumers to securely view, save and share report information, said GIA.


Susan Jacques, president and CEO of GIA, said: Digital reports from GIA build on decades of innovation and move our consumer protection mission forward. This important transformation allows GIA to offer consumers a truly modern and engaging experience while helping our industry progress toward a more sustainable future.”


GIA uniquely combines industry-leading research, product development and grading expertise to fully leverage the power of AI and cloud technology,” said Pritesh Patel, GIA senior vice president and chief operating officer. This unrivalled combination strengthens our ability to better serve our valued clients across the global gem and jewellery industry.”


The conversion of all GIA reports to digital form will also reduce transportation-related carbon emissions.


Learn more about the GIA App and GIA Match iD, click here. The GIA Match iD instrument will be available for purchase in the fall of 2022.





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