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  • Photo Courtesy: The Jewellery Editor
  • Photo Courtesy: The Jewellery Editor
  • Photo Courtesy: Lampoon

Sixième Sens par Cartier High Jewellery: Heteractis Ring


Inspired by a sea anemone, the Heteractis ring set with a 7.89-carat Ceylon sapphire surrounded by a corolla of 10 emeralds of 4.83 carats in total features stunning colour combinations of blues and greens, a signature contrast of Cartier. 


Thanks to the hard work of the designer and the lapidary, the brand-new cut for emeralds has enhanced the ring’s three-dimensionalities and the cube shape allows you to admire the ring from both top and side views. “We can praise the stonecutters’ audacity as they strive to make the most of the gemstones by innovating in the way to cut them,” Cartier creative director Jacqueline Karachi said. 




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