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  • Tiffany T (bottom left), SARA WEINSTOCK (top middle) and Tiffany Victoria (bottom left). Trendy denim accessorised by a radiant & chic diamond necklace enhances your personal style.
  • Buccellati─ Macri (top) and Ramage (bottom) matches a leather jacket, creating an elegant style.
  • Boucheron─ Quatre Radiant (top right) and FUZZY (bottom left). The jewellery pieces are easy to match with your everyday outfit that make you look stylish.

Early Spring Fashion for Natural Diamonds

When you open the wardrobe and jewellery box of fashionistas, it is not difficult to find that natural diamonds have long been not only perfect match of formal suits and dresses, but also must-have items for casual everyday outfits! Natural diamonds, inherently radiant and timeless, have become indispensable accessories easy to match with “windproof jackets, denim, leather jackets” as seen in some spring fashion catalogues. Get more inspiration from the following fashion jewellery for this early spring!

Photo Courtesy: Natural Diamond Council




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