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Price Rise for Nearly 90% Of Fancy Colour Last Year

According to the Fancy Color Diamond Price Index results released by the Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF) last week, 89% of all fancy colour categories recorded increase in prices in 2021 full year. The Foundation found that Fancy Color Diamonds Price Index varied from -1.3% to +7.9% among all 128 categories, given the average change of an 1.7% price increase for 2021, that indicated a market recovery from the decline in the previous year.

Blues (+2.2%) and pinks (+2%) were on the top for the price increase in 2021 and yellow grew 0.9%. Fancy Vivids jumped 1.6% in average prices. The price increased 1.8% on average for fancy Intense diamonds in all colours and sizes, except Fancy Intense Yellow 1.5 and 5 carats, which fell 1.3% and 1%, respectively. The average price of all fancy colour diamonds grew 0.5%. in the last quarter of 2021.


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