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De Beers Boosts Production

As reported last week, De Beers Group increased its Q4 2021 production by 15 percent, reaching 7.7 million carats, compared with 6.7 million carats in Q4 2020 to satisfy continued consumer demand. Most of the production came from the Jwaneng mine in Botswana and its operations in Namibia.


Namibia recorded an increase of 16 percent in production to 392,000 carats, while production in South Africa remained at 1.29 million carats and production in Canada down slightly from 776,000 carats in Q4 2020 to 771,000 carats in Q4 this year.  


De Beers’ rough diamond production recorded 25.1 million carats due to the impact on mining operations by the pandemic in 2020 and surged 29 percent to 32.3 million carats in 2021. Given its production target at 30 million-33 million carats, De Beers forecasts the full-year 2022 production could rise slightly.




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