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The Knot’s Study:Over 30% of Respondents Say Natural Diamond Unimportant

The Knot, a digital wedding resource offering all-in-one wedding planning services in the U.S., has released its 2021 Jewelry & Engagement Study. Among the respondents, 5,017 couples who age 18-54 and got engaged between January 1 and November 7, 2021, 34% say it is not important if the stone is natural or not, despite the fact that diamonds remain the first choice for an engagement ring. Gen Z (ages 18-24) is a case in point, who represents the group that shows the least concern about a natural stone.  Only 28% of them say it is important to have a natural stone. On the other hand, 35% of Millennials (ages 25-34) think it is important to have a natural stone in their engagement ring. 


Although social media and online shops are still being frequently visited by shoppers looking for engagement rings, 67% of rings were purchased in-store, according to the study. The average spending on engagement ring was $6,000 and the average size of an engagement ring was 1.5 carats in total. Moissanite became the top pick for the 10% respondents who selected a non-diamond gemstone for their center stone. 




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