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Alrosa: diamond market recovery from pandemic



Alrosa said the diamond market has “fully recovered from the pandemic” as the price of rough and polished diamonds buoyed by the drop in diamond production and expanding end-customer demand.  


Revenue from jewellery expects to witness a 23% yoy growth, exceeding US$90 billion in 2021. Demand from the largest jewellery markets, the United States and China has soared 50 percent and 10 percent respectively, compared to pre pandemic level.  


In Q3, the miner’s proceeds from rough and polished diamond sales up 59 percent yoy.  “Demand for rough diamonds remains strong. Supply shortages will continue to be offset by a recovery in rough diamond prices. The rough diamond price index has returned to the 2018 levels, with polished diamond prices surpassing the 2018 average,” noted in Alrosa’s press release.

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