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Lightbox now sells loose LGDs



De Beers subsidiary Lightbox will begin selling loose lab-grown diamonds with marketing-leading price of US$800 per carat or US$1,500 per carat for bigger and higher quality.  


All available-for-sale loose diamonds come with size in 1 carat (US$800), 1.5 carat (US$1,200), 1.75 carat (US$1,400), and 2 carats (US$1,600). The range of standard quality is within colour G to J while Finest range is within colour D to F. Traditional Lightbox colours: Pink, blue and white are up for grabs. There are eight loose diamonds listed online.


Consumer demand sparked the launching of this new line. “They want the possibility to put our lab-grown stones in their personalized jewellery designs. We think that is a great opportunity for lab-grown diamonds, because of their low price point, for consumers to use them and experiment with their own designs,” Lightbox CEO Steve Coe added.

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