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De Beers’ biggest sale since Feb



De Beers sold US$515 million of rough diamonds at its global sightholder sales in August, representing the most revenue since February and a 54 percent yoy growth.


Bruce Cleaver, CEO of De Beers Group estimated: “Demand for rough diamonds is a result of robust demand for polished diamonds in our key markets of the US and China. The midstream’s optimism for the remainder of the year was also evident at the recent JCK Las Vegas trade show which was a success despite being held under challenging circumstances.”

“There are supply shortages at the moment. That’s creating a sense of scarcity at every stage of the pipeline,” Anish Aggarwal, a partner at specialist diamond advisory firm Gemdax pointing out the enthusiastic buying across all rough categories back in June.


The group has continued to apply the flexible approach and expanded the sale duration from one week to two and a half weeks for its 80 buyers.

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