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Gübelin upgrades Provenance Proof & shares milepost



Gübelin and Everledger’s coloured gemstones blockchain tracing system Provenance Proof Blockchain redesigns its interface and reveals its milestone.  


According to the press release, the platform is now in an “easy-view modular layout” that allows rapid access to a stone’s supply chain history from mine to shop or end-customers. Owners can print the data saved on the blockchain, including the gemstone’s characteristics, country-of-origin, where and how was the stone treated, cut, polished and set, to enhance supply chain transparency.


A user of Provenance Proof BlockchainJosef Gad of Assay Jewelers reviewed: “Their platform dispenses a friendly graphical user interface that effectively communicates each stone’s unique origin story. This partnership has not only added value on the consumer front, but it has also increased our B2B network of other retailers in search of stones with provenance.”


Gübelin revealed that more than 500,000 coloured gemstones comprised of over 50 different types of stones were processed on the platform since the launch in 2019. Presently, there are over 500 registered users, include artisanal miners, cutters, jewellery brands, gemological laboratories and retailers.

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