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2-carat argyle pink fetches record price



The rare purplish-pink diamond Fitzpatrick Pink from the renowned Argyle diamond mine is sold for a record-breaking US$2.2 million.


The two-carat Fitzpatrick Pink is one of the 37 pink diamonds offered at the public tender by Yourdiamonds.com was acquired by an anonymous Australian buyer. John Chapman of the DELTA Diamond Laboratory hails it as one of the best round-cut fancy-coloured diamonds discovered by the Argyle diamond mine throughout its 38 years lifespan. Its CEO Tim Goodman and Sotheby's Australia former executive chairman Tim Goodman hosts the tender. “We had trouble placing a pre-tender estimate on the stone because we have been unable to find a precedent,” Goodman said.


Two further public tenders are slated to be organised in November 2021 and July 2022.  

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