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Europeans have a soft spot for lab-grown diamond



Nearly half of the jewellery consumers have either purchased or received lab-grown diamonds (LGDs) jewellery, shared by MVI Marketing LLC’s (The MVEye) at its Western European Lab-Grown Diamond Consumer Market Research Report dubbed New Tech Meets Old World.


Among 1530 respondents from five countries, namely France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Britain, 77 percent noted they are aware of LGDs before taking the survey in comparison with 80 percent in the United States. Italian has the highest awareness and acceptance of LGDs at 86 percent. The jewellery market researcher CEO Marty Hurwitz commented on the result that he did not expect the dramatic level of awareness of LGDs. 


According to the survey, the top three reasons that LGDs draw attention are:

- Considered more environmentally friendly and sustainable for the long-term at 26 percent

- identical to mined diamonds at 26 percent

- cost around 30 percent less than jewellery set with mined diamonds at 25 percent

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