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More consumers want gemstone jewellery



Over 93 percent of jewellery consumers in the United States are fond of all three coloured gemstones – emerald, ruby and sapphire, according to the Fall 2020 Comprehensive Consumer and Trade Colored Gemstone Market Research Study by MVI Marketing LLC (MVEye).


The research interviewed over 1,100 Americans who had purchased fine jewellery within the past two years. Sapphire is by far the most sought-after gemstones.


“Precious colour is once again a clear winner for the consumer seeking fresh looks in fine jewellery styles and for the trade trying to capture the imagination of self-purchasing females and next-gen jewellery buyers,” commented Marty Hurwitz, MVEye CEO, also added, “bridal jewellery with precious coloured gemstones saw the largest category increase from both consumers and jewellery retailers.”


Key findings on customers include:

- Consumer acceptance of gemstone engagement rings has mounted to more than 30 percent over the past 10 years

- 38 percent of consumers choose sapphire embedded engagement/ wedding ring. Ruby was second at 27 percent.

- 40 percent of younger consumers (aged 23-40) choose sapphire as their favourite gemstone. Half of the group purchased sapphire jewellery before.

- Almost half of the consumers care about the origin of the gemstone used in the jewellery. In contrast, retailers and manufacturers only care about the gemstone’s value. 

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