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Coloured diamond prices show stability



Price of fancy-colour diamonds dipped 0.7 percent in Q3, compared with Q4 2019, according to the Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF).


The FCRF noted that the Fancy Color Diamond Index displayed a general stability in relation to this chaotic period. Price of pink and blue diamonds dropped 0.8 percent and 0.3 percent for yellow. "The vivid category in all color segments presented stability (-0.1 percent), in comparison to the fancy grade (-1.1 percent) and fancy intense (-0.9percent) categories," it said.


Eight-caratfancy intense yellow even has significant growth of one percent. By contrast, five-carat category declined 2.4 percent. FCRF advisory board member Oren Schneider said: "While diamond trading is not yet fully back to pre-COVID 'normalcy', we are clearly seeing an increasing fancy color diamond transaction activity as a result of governments easing regulatory restrictions.

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