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  • A rhodolite garnet donated by Parlé Jewelry Designs
  • African artisanal miners

Fundraising Auction for artisanal miners in Africa


Gem Legacy will host an auction from22-26 September as a celebration event of its second anniversary, with all proceeds raised will funds artisanal miners in Africa to purchase new mining tool kits.


A rhodolite garnet donated by Parlé Jewelry Designs, a Nigerian pink tourmaline and spessartine garnet from Roger Dery Gem Design, and a Madagascar green sapphire from Michael Couch & Associates will be hammered.


According to Rachel Dery, director of communication and outreach for Gem Legacy, more than 90 percent of East African miners are farmer until they found gems in their property. Most of them simply use farming implements to mine, which are ineffective and unproductive.


“Tools are absolutely essential to small gem miners’ success,” said Dery. “The tool kit will provide them with more efficient setups that will allow them to be more productive in their mining.” The nonprofit organisation said the program may extend to new countries and regions.

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