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  • Sailor Moon sailor costume jewellery box and sterling silver
  • Woody charm
  • Woody sterling silver pendant

Jewellery vending machine for animation series



Chow Tai Fook (CTF) offers Sailor Moon, Disney and Pisi's Toy Story collection via smart vending machines in residence at Langham Place until 31 July. Discounts and free gifts would be given to promote this new jewellery purchasing experience.


The 18K white and rose gold Cutie Moon Rod and Star Power Sticks of the five heroines in the Sailor Moon animation are created in real proportions. Each of them is mounted with diamonds. Star Power Sticks pendant ask for HK$4,100. The retail price of Cutie Moon Rod pendant is slightly higher at $ 4,600. Customers who purchase the piece of this collection by vending machine will receive a Sailor Moon sailor costume jewellery box and sterling silver "Luna" charm.


Disney and Pisi's Toy Story series included many classic characters in the movie including Woody, Aliens, Buzz Lightyear, Forky, Hamm, etc. The line consists of pendants, necklaces, charms and earrings in 18-karat gold and sterling silver. Woody, Hamm and Forky pendant pendants are painted with enamel, while the limbs of Woody on the sterling silver pendant possess flexibility.

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