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  • Get Diamonds, world's largest online B2B diamond trading platform

Malca-Amit offers benefits to Get Diamonds


Malca-Amit has become an authorised shipper for Get Diamonds, offering platform members special benefits.

After joining the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) as an associate member last month, Malca-Amit has launched a benefit programme for Get Diamonds members including 10-20% discounts on domestic express shipment, storage services, inspection services, etc.

Malca-Amit is an international logistics and shipping company serving the global diamond, jewellery and watch industries Amit Eytan, company CEO said: “We believe that projects and initiatives such as the Get Diamonds online trading platform are of outmost importance for the success and continuity of the diamond industry. We hope that our support will contribute to the diamond industry globally.”

Owned by WFDB, Get Diamonds is the largest online B2B diamond trading platform with 1.3 million diamonds worth over US$5.7 billion. Acting president of WFDB Yoram Dvash said: “We welcome Malca-Amit as an ‘Authorized Shipper’ of Get Diamonds. Get Diamonds will gladly welcome any service providers interested in providing services to the advantage and success of the global diamond industry and trade.” (Photo courtesy: Malca-Amit and Get Diamonds)



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