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Jewellery conquers the hearts of Mother’s Day gifters



Jewellery from fine jewellery store was the most popular gift among 11 gift options during Mother's Day in the United States, the first gift-giving holiday after the outbreak of coronavirus, according to MVI Marketing’s research report completed by 405 interviewees.


57 percent and 13 percent of husbands bought jewellery and watch respectively for their wives, while 31 percent of daughters and 47 percent of sons also bought jewellery for their mothers. Around one in two of those surveyed made purchase in chain jewellery stores, such as Tiffany & Co., Zales, Kay, etc.


The jewellery gift costed US$450 averagely. Necklaces/ pendants are far more preferred than other jewellery categories. In terms of materials, almost half of respondents went for yellow gold and 31 percent picked diamond.


The second top of the purchase list was gift card at 30 percent followed by perfume which accounts for 27 percent.  

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