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Coloured diamond index halts amidst pandemic


The Fancy Color Diamond Research Foundation (FCRF) has decided not to publish the Q1 2020 edition of its Fancy Color Diamond Index (FCDI) due to the temporary halt of the fancy coloured diamond trade amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic.

According to FCRF, the transaction volume in Q1 was not enough to establish accurate market pricing data for the majority of fancy coloured diamond categories. It said the crisis the trade is facing is characterised by a complete logistical lockdown, with global restrictions that have caused retailers, shipping and other industry logistics to be completely blocked.

FCRF chairman Eden Rachminov said: “The unprecedented government restrictions, as a result of Covid-19, has brought fancy color diamond trading to a temporary halt. Cargo flights are not operating, logistical centers are closed and the stores at Place Vendome, New York and Hong Kong are on lockdown..We’re seeing orders in the pipeline that cannot be fulfilled due to these limitations. We fully expect trade to resume later in 2020 and the pricing data will be available when trade becomes possible again.”

FCRF is an objective authority for fancy coloured diamonds. It provides fact-based support, including pricing data, for fancy coloured diamonds and unique information to its members and the trade.



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