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Swarovski coins 16 tinges of diamonds



Swarovski will introduce lab-grown diamonds in 16 fancy colours during the Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris this week to marks its 125th anniversary.


The diamond collection has four hues. Androgyny Flamingo, Cubist Sky, Heavy Metal Cherry and Gothic Cognac, referencing four creative fields result in man-made wonders and expressions of the beauty of fashion, art, music and architecture respectively. Three of them are 1.25 carats each and one is 2.5 carats.


"Swarovski is probably most known for our precision-cut crystals, but as a company, we are increasingly focused on exploring new materials and related technologies to offer our clients endless possibilities," said Markus Langes Swarovski, member of its executive board. "The colours, cuts and sizes are created to inspire jewellery that has never been made or even dreamed of. It's a toolbox of unlimited creativity," he added.

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