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LV buys world second largest diamond


Louis Vuitton (LV) has purchased the world’s second-largest diamond Sewelo for US$ “millions” without disclosing the exact value of the agreement, only revealed that Lucara would retain a 50 percent stake in the diamonds produced from the uncut stone and a further five percent of the sales generated will be invested back into Lucara's community initiatives in Botswana.


The 1,758 carats diamond mined by Lucara from the Karowe Diamond Mine in Botswana in April 2019. The brand will collaborate with the Antwerp diamond manufacturer HB Company to transform the diamond into a jewellery collection. “Nobody expects us to put such an emphasis on high jewellery,” LV chief executive Michael Burke said. “I think it will spice things up a bit. Wake up the industry.”

The largest diamond ever discovered is a 3,106-carat diamond Cullinan in 1905. Two of the cut diamonds from the rough are part of the British crown jewels.

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