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A green sheen glows at Tiancheng's sale


The fei cui section of Tiancheng International’s jewellery and fei cui autumn auction dated 27 November 20149 “was particularly successful”, according to the auctioneer. The sale achieved HK$108 million in total, with 90 percent of the fei cui lots were sold.

Green was the most sought-after colour in the auction, with four fei cui and one emerald jewellery being the top five. The most appealing lot went to a very important fei cui bangle of exceptional quality, ample proportions, emerald green colour and marvellous luminescence (photo 1) sold for about HK$46 million to a telephone bidder after 16 fierce bids.

Other highlights included a fei cui “laughing buddha” and diamond pendant (phtoo 2) realised HK$19 million, a fei cui “fortune melon” and diamond pendant (photo 3) fetched HK$13 million, a 10.85-carat Colombian emerald and diamond ring (photo 4) yielded HK$3 million and a jadeite and diamond necklace (phtoo 5) sold for HK$2.9 million.



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