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Stone in motion presented by Naomi Sarna



Wilensky in New York city has brought 23-time AGTA Spectrum Award-winning designer Naomi Sarna’s hand-carved coloured gemstones jewellery to its contemporary gallery space until 20 December.  


"Naomi Sarna is not a stone carver. She is a poet, crafting stories with deep literature through stone. Each piece possesses its own spellbinding personality. I fell in love with a fei cui bracelet I tried on. It felt as if this amulet had chosen me, and not the other way around. There is truly something magical about the Naomi Sarna collection," says Troy Wilensky gallery managing director.


The exhibiting set is inspired by the fabric and nature to pay tribute to the dynamic in precious gemstones with cocktail rings, brooches and pendants. For instance, the “Solar Flare” ring with a 58-carat citrine encircled by pink sapphires represents the vibrancy of the sun and the 47-carat blue topaz and diamond ring resembles the calm running water. All jewellery will be available for sale after the exhibition.


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