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Lab-grown diamond companies to assess sustainability



Six lab-grown diamond companies have signed up a pilot program by SCS Global Services (SCS) that will evaluate the sustainability of their environmental, social, and governance performance after Diamond Producers Association (DPA) CEO Jean-Marc Lieberherr claimed: “no lab-grown diamond producer uses renewable energy”.


Four diamond growers, Green Rocks, Goldiam USA, Lusix, and WD Lab Grown and two retailers Helzberg Diamonds and Swarovski have joined the program. If they pass, their lab-grown diamonds will be certificated as “sustainably grown”. Stanley Mathuram SCS vice president hopes to have the standards developed in about five months and wants them to be “strict”.


Lieberherr said lab-grown diamonds are industrial replicas of natural diamonds, which require huge amounts of energy and water to produce as reactors have to be maintained at temperatures often exceeding that of the surface of the sun. He added: “No laboratory-grown diamond producer today uses renewable energy, in spite of what some are claiming, which explains their high carbon footprint.”

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