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Lightbox be available at stores


For the first time, De Beers’ laboratory-grown diamond jewellery brand Lightbox will be selling via brick-and-mortar stores in the United States.

Starting this month, Lightbox jewellery will be available at Bloomingdale’s department stores in New York City and San Francisco, plus Reeds Jewelers’ 30 shops primarily in the Southeast. The shops will offer k-gold jewellery set with white, pink and blue lab-grown diamonds at a price ranging from US$200 for 25-point diamonds to US$800 for one-carat stones plus setting cost.

The lab-grown diamond jewellery brand was launched in September 2018 and is primarily sold through its website and pop-up locations in the States. The stones are manufactured at Element Six owned by De Beers. (Photo courtesy: Lightbox)



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