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  • Showroom features an elegant blue colour scheme.
  • The Platinum Jewellery Advisory Council was established in August 2019.

PGI opens first showroom in China


The Platinum Guild International (PGI) has recently opened the first showroom in Shenzhen, China, to further enhance the presence of innovative platinum jewellery designs for the younger consumers in the country.

In a welcoming décor that caters to the modern aesthetic of younger consumers, the new showroom features an elegant blue colour scheme aligned with the metal’s qualities of purity, rarity, elegance and sophistication, and is equipped with various multi-media facilities to display new jewellery products in a modern and multi-dimensional format, according to PGI. The showcased new platinum jewellery collections from PGI’s partners will be refreshed on a monthly basis.

“Research has shown that the number one barrier to acquiring platinum jewellery in recent years has been the lack of appealing designs, so PGI has worked closely with key industry manufacturers and retailers to fast forward the adoption of new designs.  This showroom will showcase the abundance of new designs now available, together with innovative ways to merchandise and brand collections for today’s discriminating consumers,” says Huw Daniel, CEO of PGI.

“The opening of a showroom in Shenzhen provides a stronger presence for platinum jewellery in the traditionally gold intensive jewellery manufacturing hub of China, and will further showcase the platinum jewellery industry’s advanced craftsmanship and cutting-edge designs to expand the business potential of China,” adds Pui Poon, managing director of PGI China.

Prior to the showroom launch, PGI established the Platinum Jewellery Advisory Council on 2 August this year in a bid to further develop China’s platinum jewellery market by providing industry partners with consumer intelligence, new product development, sales and marketing services. (Photo courtesy: PGI)



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