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  • Flow Wong, founder of Flow Design Craftsmanship
  • Textured rings
  • Custom name rings
  • Oxidised black silver faceted ring, a Flow Chan’s signature
  • Faceted silver bracelet
  • ‘Succulent’ pendant
  • Custom ring set with a ruby rough

Difference is in the detail

September 2021


Loupe designers-in-residence series 


Rings from Flow Wong have opened up a new horizon to how far a tiny ornament on a finger could go. His handwrought twisted-wire rings, for instance, see a huge variation in style, texture and finish. From single spiral to hammered-flat, from textured to high polish, from glossy gold to oxidised black, the Hong Kong-based designer has something for every discerning individual.

The young talent has received a higher diploma in jewellery design from the Hong Kong Design Institute and a degree in jewellery, materials and design from Sheffield Hallam University where he acquired comprehensive skills in jewellery design, CAD/CAM technology and craftsmanship. His first job as a wedding ring 3D-modelling designer in 2018 has forged his love for rings, as well as his dazzling career in the jewellery sector.

“Rings are the most personal jewellery item which has to be custom-made in order to sit properly and comfortably on a finger, embedding a distinctive meaning with great significance of the wearer. A pair of wedding ring, for instance, it connects two people,” Flow Wong elucidates his passion for designing rings. “Despite its simple form as a metal band, rings present a profusion of possibilities for designers to make every piece a unique one by the use of different materials, textures and techniques.”

Paying meticulous attention to detail, Flow Wong handles every piece of jewellery by hand. Craftsmanship, he believes, is the substance of jewellery. “A successful design comes with good details. A delicate twist is all it takes to stand out. The authentic value of jewellery lies at craftsmanship instead of the material,” he elaborated.

His perseverance with finely-made jewellery has prompted him to co-found a start-up with his friend. Though short-lived, the maiden venture has served as a valuable lesson for him to run a jewellery business. In January 2020, he launched his own brand Flow Design Craftsmanship, accentuating the essence of exquisite artisanship in jewellery making.

Black and white, the classic non-colour palette, comes as Flow Wong’s favourite choice for his jewellery collection. He said: “Black and white are easy to carry by both sexes. They are cool and chic, offering boundless possibilities for jewellery and fashion design.” Mostly in sterling silver, his jewellery is also set in brass and karat-gold.

To sharpen his jewellery-making and entrepreneurial skills, Wong signed up for the designer residency programme with Loupe in July 2020. Thanks to the vast resources and expertise provided by the design incubation space founded by Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group in Hong Kong, he was exposed to invaluable traditional craftsmanship, avant-garde metalsmithing techniques, thorough business knowledge and multi-faceted marketing channels.

“Loupe has opened up a wealth of knowledge for us in jewellery design, manufacturing and selling. I was particularly impressed by the extensive network built by Chow Tai Fook that has brought us to the breadth and depth of the industry that we have never expected to see. The master craftsmen not only shared with us their exquisite skills but also their market insight which helped us avoid abortive work,” he recalled.

An effective marketing and promotion channel is pivotal for established names, let alone budding brands like Flow Design Craftsmanship. Loupe provides participating designers with venues and occasions at the headquarters at PMQ in Central to showcase their new designs and engage with potential customers and the public. “Loupe helps me reach out to a broader audience through various events and shows. The final exhibition of the residency programme was particularly memorable. Designers needed to work together as a team, which has come as a challenge to those who are used to take care of everything alone like me,” he said.

For him, the issue of insufficient manpower has surfaced gradually alongside the larger scale of business. Instead of making jewellery from scratch, he has sought to work on semi-finished products in order to save time for business planning and expansion. Whichever way he goes, he would maintain a certain level of craftsmanship in jewellery making. “After all, precious metals need to be handled by hand,” he said.

The accelerated digital pace has urged the designer to strengthen his online appearance on different social media. For offline presence, aside from securing a space at Loupe, he also sells through pop-up stores and consignment at popular shopping complexes including D2 Place and K11.

Flow Wong serves a mainly local clientele at present. Looking ahead to the next two years, he aspires to attract more overseas attention to his deep affection for exquisite craftsmanship. Entering into design contests is also on his to-do list. “All along, people have encouraged me to enter jewellery design competitions to seek wider recognition. Although I think I am not ready for it yet, it is definitely a main thing on my agenda,” he said. (Photo courtesy: Flow Design Craftsmanship)





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