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  • A beryl and tourmaline necklace, ring and earrings suite composed of 71 gemstones totaling over 176 carats.
  • A bib-style necklace with 109 pear-shaped multi-coloured Ceylon sapphires totaling over 154 carats.
  • Layouts of a vivid, electric green-blue Mozambican Paraiba tourmaline suite including a necklace, a cluster ring and earrings.

Colour impact

The predominant colours of the seasons are all about nature. Besides the all-time favourites green and blue expressing the spirit of greenery, sky and sea, vibrant and calm red-based and orangery hues as Pantone’s Color of the Year 2019 “Living Coral” suggested are setting the prevailing gemstone trends. German-based Paul Wild OHG launched a special collection of on-trend life-empowering gems at Baselworld this year. The enthusiastic responses from buyers across borders have sent us a clear note that the industry has faith in the trending colours which will inspire the creation of bestselling designs.

A splendid gemstone layout matching African tourmalines with golden yellow beryl from Brazil designed for a necklace, earrings and ring suite drew audience’s immediate attention at the Basel fair.

The collection, incorporating 71 gemstones with a total of over 176 carats, expresses the radiant and joyful spirit of “Living Coral”, according to the company. The necklace radiates from a 39.4-carat golden beryl cabochon, with four cascading tiers of pear-shaped rose to violet tourmalines in various sizes and shapes. A 22-carat cushion-cut tourmaline comes as the centre-stone of the ring, while the layout for dangling earrings featuring 10 pear-shaped tourmalines in ascending size and colour saturation each.

Paraiba tourmaline, one of the hero gems of Paul Wild, illuminated the fair with a spectacular sheen of vivid and electric green-blue hue. In a bid to pay tribute to nature, the company presented a layout for a magnificent suite of necklace, drop earrings, earrings and a cluster ring totaling 63 pieces of Mozambican Paraiba tourmalines. In a range of vivacious colours ranging from blue, green to pink and yellow, a bib-style necklace of 109 pear-shaped Ceylon sapphires totaling over 154 carats truly reflects the abundance of nature. According to the gem house, Paraiba tourmaline is the most desired, bestselling gemstone in the lapidary’s vast inventory, with morganite and coloured sapphires also in demand.

Anne Katrin Wild of Paul Wild told Hong Kong Jewellery: “Paraiba tourmaline, spinel and the fashion colours of 2019 namely red tourmaline, imperial topaz, mandarin garnet, etc, were the bestselling items at Baselworld 2019.”

Commenting on the Swiss fair where Paul Wild has been participating since 1984 amidst the challenging trade exhibition environment, Wild said: “Baselworld is still one of the most important shows for our company. We are confident that the new concept and plans still sustain the show.” This year, the show management brought a new experience and a better atmosphere to the audience with fashion shows and amenities such as restaurants. She looks forward to see if the efforts would pay off by the next show in 2020.

Besides operating its own gemstone mines in Africa and Brazil, Markus Wild, CEO of Paul Wild, travels all over the world to purchase gems directly from the sources. “We are cutting all gemstones in our factory in Kirschweiler in our country and Bangkok of Thailand. We can promise a consistent quality in cutting. We market and distribute our products via the nearly 10 trade shows we exhibit every year. Our expert sales representatives make frequent travels to meet our clients around the globe,” Anne Wild said.

The vertically-integrated operation of the gem house provides customers with a peace of mind. “This is one of the strength of Paul Wild – from mine to market. Ethical sourcing is one important point in that way. Our product policy from mine to market will also bring the best prices for our customers.

“Ethical sourcing is one of the main issues at the moment. Customers are interested in a fair mining system to be sure that the products they buy and sell to the end-consumers are coming the right way. We are buying since many decades the rough stones from the same suppliers with whom we have developed longstanding relationship and trust. We are taking care of our employees and the security. We abide to the laws of the respective countries,” elaborated Wild.

Technological innovation is the order of the day. To stay one step ahead, Paul Wild put its finger on the pulse of new technology. “We are building a new cutting centre next to our office in Kirschweiler to transform the conventional system into a new generation,” Wild said.

According to her, the company is trying new ways to reach the customers capitalising on the digitalisation trend. “Digitalisation of the business is running fast. We want to be in the first row,” Wild affirmed.

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