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New book tells a HK story

The 26th Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacturers’ Show organised by the Hong Kong Jewellery Manufacturers' Association (HKJMA) showed a record high of 958 exhibitors from 24 countries and regions occupying more than 1,500 booths. This year, the organiser arranged VIP tours for visitors from emerging markets namely mainland China, Korea and Myanmar. 

HKJMA celebrated the 30th anniversary with the introduction of a commemorative book titled Jewellery Craftsmanship of Hong Kong, which carries interviews with over 60 experienced industry players. It took the association a year to finish the book which comprises six chapters: history, marketing, brands, designs, craftsmanship, technology and heritage. It is the first ever historical book about the Hong Kong jewellery industry. The ‘heritage’ chapter includes an interview with Wallace Chan, a renowned Hong Kong jewellery design master, to explore his philosophy of creation. He mentioned that the creation of a jewellery that people love is a self-expression of the designer. For the young designers who pursue brand building should consider their goals and visions. HKJMA aspires to promote the Hong Kong jewellery industry through this book so that the public can have a better understanding of the local jewellery industry and attract young people to join the industry. At the welcome reception, HKJMA honorary chairman Karl Shin predicted that the jewellery design in future will be in minimalist style with a personal twist, different from the designs in the past. Facing the changes in consumer behaviour, people of all ages should be committed to lifelong learning. 

JMA International Design Competition 2018 award presentation ceremony was held at the welcome reception as well. Five Miss Jewelry Hong Kong presented the winning pieces in catwalk, showing the beauty of each final entry and winning piece themed ‘Blossom’. Mr William Li, associate chairman of exhibition affairs said: “HKJMA has been committed to leading the Hong Kong jewellery industry to the international arena and vigorously promote sustainable development. It shows the possibilities brought by cultural exchanges and, when the old meet news. It also represents the bright future of Hong Kong jewellery industry. This year's winning pieces showcase creativity and outstanding performance in terms of design concept, beauty and material utilisation.”

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