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  • Every piece of jewellery is a perfect match of amber and wood.
  • Natural amber is used in Wlodarska’s design.
  • Float collection
  • Simple collection
  • Mosaic collection

Amber walker

Nowadays, it is never a surprise that contemporary jewellery is set with alternative materials in an imaginative way, besides using traditional precious metals and gemstones. Polish jewellery designer Marta Wlodarska is definitely one of the examples, combining amber and plain wood in her simple yet innovative jewellery.

Founded by Wlodarska in 2010, Amberwood reveals the designer’s passion for amber and wood. She once described that every piece of amber and wood has taken a long journey to arrive at her studio, after being buried under layers of dirt and fought against the strong ocean current. She said: “They are essentially perfect, and the outer layer of the materials astonishes and inspires me. They take a long journey to the present, unveiling the secret of the past.”

Wlodarska is fond of amber and wood, but her ultimate goal is to encourage people to investigate the mystery of both materials. She explained: “Amber resin is actually coming from wood; the two organic materials are strongly connected with each other. Yet, most people including scientists never understand the relationship between them. In the project of Amberwood, I hope to show that the origin of amber is wood.”

Every piece of jewellery is a perfect match of amber and wood. Wlodarska expressed: “I adore greenish-brown amber which contains inclusions of natural plants or insects. For wood, I collect driftwood at the seaside, beaches or even from the old boats. Their colours really surprise me. What’s more, pine woods soaking in water over a long time also deliver captivating colours. Combining ambers with various exotic woods, I create jewellery with a new and fresh expression.” She joked that apart from seaside and beaches, she would also collect woods from her garden.

For the past several years, Wlodarska has introduced a wide array of jewellery set in silver or plated gold on the theme of different shapes, such as triangle, leaf, float, mosaic, etc. She said: “The Float collection, one of my favourite collections, is inspired by the Zen philosophy. I also like a lot of mosaic items which are composed of geometric woods and natural ambers.” In 2015, she will have her jewellery set in gold for the first time. “Besides designing jewellery, I will also try to make some modern furniture, for example, lamps,” she told Hong Kong Jewellery.

Currently, Wlodarska exhibits at major local jewellery fairs, including Gold Silver Time, Ambermart and Amberif. Her amber jewellery is also showcased to the globe at Inhorgenta in Germany. She expressed: “Most of my clients are coming from Poland, Germany, China, Australia, etc. In the future, I will participate at some other important jewellery fairs in Europe, in order to promote my amber jewellery.”

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