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  • (Photo courtesy: Informa Markets)

Tawhid Abdullah Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Entrepreneur, industry leader and philanthropist, Jawhara Jewellery® founder and CEO Tawhid Mohammad Taher Abdullah Al Mohtadi has been given the Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his remarkable achievements, according to the result revealed by the first edition of Jewellery World Awards (JWA) Dubai last Thursday. The award presentation was held in a gala dinner on 21 February during the JGT Dubai (Jewellery Gem Technology Dubai) exhibition.

JWA’s chairperson and founder Letitia Chow said, “Whether in overcoming a regional financial crisis or a global pandemic, Tawhid has constantly inspired his peers in the industry with his vision and leadership. It is our great honour to recognise, not only of his achievements in business, but also the many lives he has touched through his work as an industry mentor and his generosity in charitable causes”.

Having led Jawhara Jewellery as Chairman for 20 years, a giant company in the gold and jewellery industry, Tawhid said, “As leaders, we are tasked to come up with a vision that will inspire growth, not just for ourselves or our respective businesses, but for the industries we belong to and the communities we serve.  I am truly humbled by this recognition and would like to share it to jewellers who continue to contribute to the growth of our sector in this part of the world, by inviting young generation to join this industry”.


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