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  • Rogers (right) with his client rapper PoloG.

America’s Youngest Jeweller Starts Business via Instagram

Unlike his peers who do daily chores at their parents’ shops, Jason Rogers, a 14-year old jeweller in Chicago, is the owner of a jewellery store, and also the youngest jeweller in Chicago and probably in the United States. His story was covered by Fox 32 in Chicago.

Jason Rogers a.k.a. Fatz Tha Jeweler developed his business on Instagram as early as 12 and opened a jewellery store on Chicago’s Jewellers Row next year. Designing and diamond setting are the things Jason usually do after school. His jewellery pieces, ranging in prices between USD25 and USD5,000 have appealed greatly to customers, including celebs like Freddie Gibbs and Polo G, the Grammy-nominated multiplatinum artists. 


Jason told Fox 32 he has been given full support from his family to start the jewellery venture.  He was (or still is) aspiring to be a lawyer, but now has found his enthusiasm in jewellery as he realised the beauty and dream jewellers can bring to people.  Jason’s father assured him to open a jewellery store only if he could save up USD5,000 by working for the family’s business first. The rest would be taken care of by the family. As promised, they created an LLC and took Jason to trade shows where he found valuable networking opportunities.      




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