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Belgian contest boosts happiness


Themed ‘Happiness – A New Beginning’, the HRD Design Awards 2020 (17th edition) invited international designers to delve into their thoughts of happiness to produce brilliant diamond and gemstone jewellery

HRD Design Awards 2020 was divided into eight category-wise awards plus the Best Designer awards, with each of them having three prizes. The winners were entitled to gain scholarship for HRD Antwerp’s extensive educational courses worldwide as well as online.

HRD Design Awards is a world’s leading design competition in creative and innovative diamond and gemstone jewellery organised by HRD Antwerp. (Photo courtesy: HRD Antwerp)


HRD Design Awards 2020 results:


Best Designer

Winner: Xu Donglin (photo 1)

1st runner-up: Ma Qunying (photo 2)

2nd runner-up: Huang Yingya (photo 3)


Diamond Ring

Winner: Ma Qunying (photo 4)

1st runner-up: Chen Yi Chieh

2nd runner-up: Guo Jingkai


Diamond Necklace

Winner: Huang Yingya (photo 5)

1st runner-up: Wang Xiaoxiao

2nd runner-up: Du Xinyun


Diamond Bracelet

Winner: Hu Xinyuan (photo 6)

1st runner-up: Xu Qianpu


Diamond Earrings

Winner: Li Wei Lin (photo 7)

1st runner-up: Shuai Zhao

2nd runner-up: Tseng Huai Fen   


Gemstone Ring

Winner: Soukata Basu Malhotra (photo 8)

1st runner-up: Shuai Zhao

2nd runner-up: Zhou Jianxiang


Gemstone Necklace

Winner: Kong Jinglu (photo 9)

1st runner-up: Xiao Wangyue

2nd runner-up: Ren Danlei


Gemstone Bracelet

Winner: Chen Shuyu (photo 10)

1st runner-up: Tang Heng

2nd runner-up: Soumyajit Maity


Gemstone Earrings

Winner: Xu Donglin (photo 11)

1st runner-up: Shui Mengyao

2nd runner-up: Shuai Zhao



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