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Sarita Jewellery, the namesake brand of Hong Kong jewellery designer Sarita Wong launched in 2016, aspires to provide customers with made-to-order fine jewellery rich in both intrinsic and emotional values. Set in K-gold with natural gemstones, her jewellery mostly comes in multi-functional, a key element well-received by her young clientele who crave personality and self-expression. The bourgeoning brand has been gaining strength and popularity in a mere four years’ time by keeping customers engaged on social media with frequent updates on new collections and brand news.

Instead of entering her family jewellery business, Sarita Wong chose to develop her career in finance and banking after graduated from university. An ardent lover of painting, she began to design jewellery for friends in her leisure time. Her incredible work soon received wide praise which was followed by an influx of new orders. The idea of starting her own jewellery business arose. Now a professional gemmologist, she has a gemmology certificate from British FGA (Gem-A) and is a graduate gemmologist of the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA).

Wong sets her heart on providing customers with jewellery that evokes fond memories. She said: “I hope every time they put my jewellery on, something sweet may be brought to mind, whether be it the occasion of graduation, engagement, marriage or newborn. Attaching an important stage of life to jewellery adds value to the gem. Customers long for something unique and personal.”

Young, sleek, graceful, feminine and multi-functional are among the features of Wong’s jewellery. She said: “I am passionate about versatile designs. For instance, an earring can become a brooch; when it comes with a small part, it can be a necklace. A ring can transform to be a pendant, or a brooch with an add-on component.” Multi-purpose jewels offer great value for money. They can be worn to match with different moods and occasions as a statement piece that elevates the level of individuality.

Family enterprise C D Company Ltd has provided staunch support for Sarita Wong in terms of craftsmanship and sourcing. “Our master goldsmiths and experienced merchandisers have given me a hand in jewellery making and stone matching, especially when I was new to the industry.”

When asked about the unforgettable moments over the last four years, she said it goes to the experience of taking part in design contests. Her ‘Young Phoenix’ bracelet-ring was awarded Open Group II – Merit and My Favourite Jewelry Design Award at JMA International Jewelry Design Competition 2018. The same design also won the best of brand concept expression at another contest. She said: “I am particularly thrilled to have won My Favourite Jewelry Design Award which was the result of ‘one person, one vote’ during the exhibition.”

To become a selected designer under Loupe’s Design Residency Programme initiated by Chow Tai Fook comes as another extraordinary experience for Sarita Wong. She joined the programme in mid-2019. “During the residency period, we were exposed to a wide array of knowledge and skills in jewellery design, craftsmanship, marketing, selling and brand building under the guidance of industry veterans from Chow Tai Fook. It enables me to better communicate with my craftsmen, especially when my design involves a number of intricate mechanism and parts,” she said.

She was also grateful for being able to receive the hands-on training during a visit to Chow Tai Fook’s factory in Panyu, China. She said: “We were assigned to work on the bench. The exquisite filigree technique was just enlightening. It takes the quality of our craftsmanship to the next level. We were also excited to witness the diamond-cutting process. It was phenomenal.”

Besides technical support, the Loupe initiative also provides the emerging talents with an opportunity to introduce their products to the public and maximise their exposure and elevate the brand image. For Sarita Wong, her designs are now being showcased at several locations including the Loupe headquarters at PMQ in Sheung Wan, a couple of Chow Tai Fook’s experience stores and K11 Musea in Tsimshatsui.

When it comes to business promotion, Sarita Jewellery considers Facebook and Instagram the prime marketing channels. According to data analysis, Wong said, Facebook sees a higher chance of closing deals, while Instagram is a more effective platform for product promotion and brand building. She has been striving to keep customers’ fingers on the pulse of her brand by constantly making new posts on social media.

This year, quite a few wedding ceremonies have been postponed amidst the pandemic. Sarita Wong looks forward to seeing more weddings next year. To capitalise on such a business opportunity, she has planned to collaborate with wedding planners and calligraphy artists. She said: “I believe that the sleek and graceful design of my wedding jewellery shall go well with calligraphy in terms of packaging or engraving.”

Speaking of design trends in future, Wong says unique, storytelling and multi-functional designs will be the mainstream styles. Besides, influenced by auctions, people are reaching out to fancy-coloured and fancy-shaped diamonds. (Photo courtesy: Sarita Jewellery)



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