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Customisation, a rule of success

By Cherry Cheung

Quality, efficiency and sustainability are among the key winning factors for steady growth amidst the challenging business environment in the jewellery industry. The flourishing custom jewellery design manufacturing (CDM) service from Hong Kong-based Goldenage International Limited is testimony to rapid responses to changing customers’ needs.

Technologies in the past decade have changed the way we consume. The affluent younger consumers of luxury goods demand for individuality, uniqueness and lifestyle. When it translates to fine jewellery, the growing quest for one-of-a-kind design is obvious. “As the online market place becomes more transparent and easily accessible, customers often ‘create’ their own styles and look for the manufacturing arm to bring their ideas to life,” said Goldenage International CEO Andrew Cochineas.

To answer the growing demand for customised jewellery, the manufacturer opened a new workshop in Hong Kong in July 2016 with state-of-the-art facilities offering CAD/CAM, gem-setting, engraving, polishing and plating services to customers.

Smaller orders and shorter lead-time come as a big challenge for mass producing suppliers; for Goldenage International, however, they are “the key factors in maintaining momentum and growth in the market”. “Small orders and CDM are the new waves in the jewellery industry where young designers turn to start-ups, turns to millennial entrepreneurs running multi-platform e-shops and websites,” Cochineas said.

As a strong advocate of sustainable, responsibly and ethically sourced materials in the industry for years, Goldenage International is accredited as an authorised jewellery manufacturer under the Australian Diamonds Chain of Custody Programme.

Looking ahead, he expects to see a double-digit growth this year. “We are on course for steady growth in new markets despite the gloomy business environment,” he adds. (Photo courtesy: Goldenage International)

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