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TGJF 2017: Treasure Road to the World

The inaugural Thailand Gems and Jewelry Fair (TGJF 2017) is scheduled for 15-18 June at Impact Challenger Hall 2, Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok. The new event held during the Thailand Shopping & Dining Paradise Campaign 2017 positions itself as a summer-time sourcing fair for traders and end-consumers. Don’t miss all travel privileges by online pre-registering to visit the fair at http://www.bcis.biz/gems/form.asp

Suttipong Damrongsakul, president of the Thai Gem & Jewelry Traders Association (TGJTA) revealed that with the theme ‘Treasure Road to the World’, the organizers are convinced that the fair will help boost trading within both domestic and regional markets while highlighting the strength of Thailand’s gems and jewellery industry.


International brand Pandora Joins TGJF 2017 

“Pandora’s highlight at the TGJF 2017 will be our company’s history and the heritage of Pandora’s famous charm bracelet that has been instrumental in the company’s growth and rapid expansion,” said Nils Helander, Senior Vice President, Manufacturing & Managing Director of Pandora Production. “We will also be showing our latest collection that is sold in 100 countries over the six continents and our fine craftsmanship in hand-crafting Pandora’s jewellery at the event.” 

“Our founder Mr Per Enevoldsen and his wife were impressed with Thai culture and its long tradition for high-quality jewellery production,” said Helander. “Also, Thailand is one of the world’s largest jewellery exporting countries with good infrastructure for jewellery production and easy access to raw material suppliers.”


Thai Exhibitors Ready to Showcase Gems & Jewellery

“Our highlight at the fair will be to reveal new designs, and we will also have a clearance sale where buyers can enjoy large discounts on high quality jewellery,” said Rattana Suksawat, Managing Director of Duang Kaew Jewelry, a renowned jewellery manufacturer based in Bangkok exporting to over 20 countries.

S.V.D Gems is another exhibitor that will be showcasing its vast selection of the highest quality rubies and sapphires to buyers at the fair. However he believes that the quality of the gems on offer is not its only draw. “One of the reasons that buyers enjoy visiting tradeshows in Thailand is because of the relaxed atmosphere, and Thailand itself is a holiday destination,” said Saravuth Vuthipanyakom, President & CEO of S.V.D. Gems.


The fair of innovative solutions

TGJF 2017 will also unveil the latest innovation and cutting-edge technology for gems and jewellery manufacturers. Gerenga, provider of engineering and automation solutions for various industries, including major players in Thailand’s gems and jewellery industry will be showing robots that can help manufacturers produce jewellery faster and with greater efficiency, at the fair. “For jewellery, automation can be used in many different stages of production, such as wax injection, casting or just loading and unloading,” says Enrico Sielaff, Managing Director, Gerenga. A new type of robot, called ‘collaborative robots’ or ‘cobots’, can work side by side with humans and take up very little space. Moreover, they are linked to cameras and online databases to maximize output. “Once a system is automated, it becomes more transparent and can highlight other problems in the production line,” says Sielaff. “Automations also have a huge impact on production, it decreases waste in the system, and gives manufacturers more control over quality issues.”



During the show, a series of seminars and fashion shows will be organised for guests’ enjoyment. Among them, Alessio Boschi will be giving a talk on ‘Mastering the Art of Thai Jewellery Crafting…Designing the Opportunity in Global Markets’ on June 16, 2017 from 10.30 to 12.00, in which he will share his experience in jewellery design.

Another seminar on ‘Quality Standards of Rubies and Sapphires’ will be offered by the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (GIT). Attendees can also catch up with the latest trends at Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin’s talk on ‘Trends in Thai Jewellery Designs in the Creative Industry towards Thailand 4.0’, which will also feature a special fashion show from university students.

Free shuttle bus service to and from Bangkok’s major hotels, exclusive VIP areas with snacks and beverages, and free internet access will be provided. Visitors will have a chance to win a one-carat diamond ring upon showing their boarding passes at the fair.

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