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First ever public tender of Argyle pink in June



The first-ever public tender of Argyle pink diamonds will be held by Australian start-up yourdiamonds.com from 21 June to 1 July, the announcement released a few days after Rio Tinto revealed its plans for the final Argyle pink tender.


Five pinks from the Argyle Diamond Mine, ranging from 0.40 to 1.01 carats, will be offered. They are expected to etch over US$1million.


The company’s CEO, Tim Goodman, who was an executive chairman of Sotheby's Australia said: “We are creating a secondary market. The primary market is strong and the timing is perfect for sellers.  Subject to the success of this first project we intend to conduct a Public Tender of Australian pink diamonds twice a year. We may extend the scope to include diamonds of other colours originally sourced from the Argyle Mine.”

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