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Italian stretch-to-wear bracelet now in US



Italian jewellery brand Roberto Demeglio partners with its eight-year New York-based jewellery business partner Beny Sofer to set up a joint venture for the launch of stretchable tennis bracelet line Ex-tensible in the United States. 


Made in Italy with a lifelong warranty on the patented technology, the bracelets in rose and white gold stretch-to-fit all sized wrists. Amit Sofer, president of Beny Sofer commented on the patented technology: “I knew even though there are millions of stretch bracelets out there, nothing will ever come close to this bracelet, which stretches wider than any of the other ones in the industry.”


For the moment, there are for her, for him and a special collection. The former two comprises three styles each, encircled with white, black and champagne diamonds as well as sapphires and rubies totalling from one to 10 carats. Among the six items in the special collection, the rainbow-coloured diamond bracelet offers a flamboyant twist to its elegance.


Ex-tensible has introduced in Europe two years ago. While the bracelet is already off-the-shelf in the United States, rings with the same patented technology will be available later this year.

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