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When Russia meets China



Russian designer Ilgiz Fazulzyanov launches a 20 pieces collection “Mysterious China” to sum up his 10-months study trip of traditional Chinese techniques such as porcelain painting and fei cui carving.


He employed his signature enamel technique to interpret oriental temple, peony, lotus, auspicious cloud, koi and so on. Not limited to the motifs, the mix-and-match of gemstones and patterns on the structures make reference to Chinese practices. The collection also goes beyond having a far eastern appearance, some pieces carry philosophical thoughts in the Chinese tradition.  


“To study only the technology was not enough to achieve a deeper understanding of the whole culture of these people. To create these works, I had to study and channel the architecture, graphics, colour palette, Chinese jade carving techniques, enamel coating techniques as well as many other nuances,” Ilgiz said.

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